Nature at the Park – Clearwater RV Park, Picayune, MS

“Quiet Never Sounded So Good!”

The “Chicken Soup” series has always been popular for what ails you. Let the book absorb you and feed your inner soul. Why use a book when there is a place that offers the same solution. Head to the Mississippi countryside and let nature soothe and replenish you mind, body and soul.

Clearwater RV Park outside Picayune, MS offers nature at its finest. From the soothing of a pond with a water wheel to feeding treats to the horses, there is something for everyone. If you come soon, you may even enjoy the calves growing under their mother’s watchful eye. Sit in the swing and read that favorite book while the wind blows a gentle breeze.

Welcome to one of the new calves

Once you are rejuvenated and want to venture out to see and do things in the area, there is much offered. Museums, bike trails, hiking trails, eateries and the Big Easy are just a few of the outside activities available.

If bicycling is a favorite of yours, Clearwater is close to the Mississippi Gulf Coast biking trail as well as Slidell, LA which is the eastern trailhead for the Tammany Trace (rails to trails). A little further northeast is the Longleaf Trace out of Hattiesburg, MS.

A little closer to home is The Teddy Bear Museum in Picayune. Most children had teddy bears and here you can relive those memories. There are over 15,000 bears of all shapes and sizes. Stroll through the museum where you have the feel of a home occupied by bears.

Bed Time

There is so much more in the area. But first and foremost come to Clearwater RV Park to soothe your mind, body and soul. Here “Quiet Never Sounded So Good!” We have a spot waiting for you. Call now: (601) 749-8142.

End of the rainbow
Perfect for reading or meditating
Your spot is waiting

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