The Teddy Bear House Museum – Picayune, MS

We can thank President Teddy Roosevelt for teddy bears and we can thank Ricky Lenart and Cornel Jeansonne for bringing the teddy bears back to Mississippi. The President went on a bear hunting trip in 1902, not out west, but in Onward, MS.

Unfortunately the President did not kill a bear and refused to kill one that was tied to a tree. Because of his kindness and sportsmanship, the nickname Teddy become known. Also thanks to a candy store in Brooklyn, NY the Teddy Bear became popular.


Most of us had Teddy Bears as children and some of us may still have Teddy Bears. In Picayune, MS, you can relive your childhood or at least bring back some memories. At The Teddy Bear House Museum you will find over 15,000 bears. They are everywhere and represent all facets of life. The museum is decorated like a house with all the normal rooms including a Bear Man Cave.

Bear Man Cave

For Lenart, collecting bears began in 1976 all because he was called “Ricky Bear” or “Ricky Pooh”.  One of his friends found out he had no bears and that just could not stand. From a gift of a small bear to today, the bears just keep coming.

Originally the bears were housed in New Orleans, in the home of Lenart and Jeansonne. Although it was fun and used for fund raisers, they realized more space and a permanent home for the bears was needed.

They decided to bring the bears back to where it all started – Mississippi.

Now the many bears live at The Teddy Bear House Museum on South Haugh Avenue in Picayune, MS. The museum has rooms such as dining room, kitchen, parlor, bear man cave, bathroom and more. Also there are special rooms – Teddy Roosevelt Theater, Teddy Bear Tea Room and Everything Bear Gift Shop. A large seasonal room has an ever changing display depending on the time of year. Everywhere you look, you see bears…

No matter your age, this museum is worth a visit.

Clearwater RV Park is your place to stay when visiting the museum. The park is located approximately ten miles from the museum. Come enjoy staying in the country while visiting a first class teddy bear museum. Call now to reserve your site: (601) 749-8142.

Easter Time
Museum Entrance
Shower Time
Clearwater RV Park


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