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Our Time At Clearwater RV Park

Below is a guest post by John Rials, a Clearwater Snowbird.

Who would have thought that staying “in the woods” would present so many opportunities? Our time at Clearwater RV Park in Carriere, MS has been full of opportunities. Even though during the winter months Clearwater is populated with snowbirds from points North, it is still a sleepy little park where “Quiet, Never Sounded So Good!” Continue reading “Our Time At Clearwater RV Park”


The Teddy Bear House Museum – Picayune, MS

We can thank President Teddy Roosevelt for teddy bears and we can thank Ricky Lenart and Cornel Jeansonne for bringing the teddy bears back to Mississippi. The President went on a bear hunting trip in 1902, not out west, but in Onward, MS. Continue reading “The Teddy Bear House Museum – Picayune, MS”

Nature at the Park – Clearwater RV Park, Picayune, MS

“Quiet Never Sounded So Good!”

The “Chicken Soup” series has always been popular for what ails you. Let the book absorb you and feed your inner soul. Why use a book when there is a place that offers the same solution. Head to the Mississippi countryside and let nature soothe and replenish you mind, body and soul. Continue reading “Nature at the Park – Clearwater RV Park, Picayune, MS”

Bayou Country Superfest Moves to New Orleans Superdome

LSU Tiger Stadium means football! That is except for one weekend in May when Bayou Country Superfest descends upon Baton Rouge, LA. The stadium rocks with country music stars and fans. 2017 brought one problem – the stadium is undergoing renovation and no music will be heard in May. Not to fret, the venue has moved to the Mercedes Superdome in New Orleans, LA. Continue reading “Bayou Country Superfest Moves to New Orleans Superdome”

Crosby Arboretum – Picayune, MS

pincoteRising from the woods yet merging with the surrounding water and forest sits Pinecote Pavilion. One of several major structures which define architect E. Fay Jones, an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright. The Pavilion is the highlight of the Crosby Arboretum located near Picayune, MS. Continue reading “Crosby Arboretum – Picayune, MS”

Quiet Country Meets the Thrill of Space

endeavorThe country quiet may be what brought you to Clearwater RV Park, but the area offers something for everyone. Spend a day learning and exploring our space odyssey. Walk through a space station model, journey into the Omega Flight Simulator or view one of the many videos offered. This and more is waiting at Infinity Science Center, the visitor center of Stennis Space Center. Continue reading “Quiet Country Meets the Thrill of Space”

“Throw Me Something Mister!” – It’s Mardi Gras Time

20170120_065718“Throw me something mister”, Bourbon Street, extravagant balls, night parades, wild parties – this is New Orleans Mardi Gras. And this is what most people think when they think of Mardi Gras. Yet there is so much more to the season than just New Orleans and Bourbon Street.

Here at Clearwater RV Park in southern Mississippi, we are centrally located to a large number of Mardi Gras areas. Our guests are within one hour of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, New Orleans, and the Northshore. Pick your Mardi Gras pleasure and it is close at hand. Many small towns, including Picayune, MS, have parades and balls. Continue reading ““Throw Me Something Mister!” – It’s Mardi Gras Time”