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Our Time At Clearwater RV Park

Below is a guest post by John Rials, a Clearwater Snowbird.

Who would have thought that staying “in the woods” would present so many opportunities? Our time at Clearwater RV Park in Carriere, MS has been full of opportunities. Even though during the winter months Clearwater is populated with snowbirds from points North, it is still a sleepy little park where “Quiet, Never Sounded So Good!” Continue reading “Our Time At Clearwater RV Park”


The Teddy Bear House Museum – Picayune, MS

We can thank President Teddy Roosevelt for teddy bears and we can thank Ricky Lenart and Cornel Jeansonne for bringing the teddy bears back to Mississippi. The President went on a bear hunting trip in 1902, not out west, but in Onward, MS. Continue reading “The Teddy Bear House Museum – Picayune, MS”